Saturday, June 24th. Carroponte is one of those rare places that makes you think that perhaps all is not lost here in Milan. It is beautiful, functional, comfortable, romantic and everything works perfectly, much to the audience as by musicians. The occasion for me is unique I have to sing solo, in Italian, in an evening tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè, possibly the greatest italian songwriter that ever lived. When Fabio, who organized the event asked me to take part in it , the thing seemed wonderfully absurd and perfectly timed, it’s pulse beating at a different pace from my usual. I could not help but accept, and feel the guts began to tangle. Dealing with the great masters means in my opinion, to let the shape of things go for a long moment and focus on substance, honor  it and be as honest as possible. Throw frankly into the open the heart  of what we received from these masters, each in its own way, without necessarily remaining twisted, necessarily without staying there caught.

And so with my stool and my guitar, I found myself under the stars  to face Genoa and that Sea which I am so bond to.

I could helplessly fall in love again with a song by playing it on that night. "Ho visto Nina volare" ,"I saw Nina flying" You feel the wind on your face, skin dripping with doubts prohibited, the dense air of passions, the promises of distant stars, the gravity of the rhythmic patterns swept by the waves.

"Chew and spit out, on one side the honey, the wax on the other"

Perhaps the beginning of a new journey.

And then, guitar on my back and  I get in the car driving towards the dj-set I have to do on the same night. But my mind is still there, among the strings.

Sunday 24th, Padua, in a trio for a concert at Il Chiosco , run by Alessandro Miconi who during the winter months takes care of the legendary Fishmarket club. He is one of those people you would  never want to stop working with.

Il Chiosco is a beautiful and magical place. Stars, candles, lawns, stone Buddhas and wax Madonnas. Italy beats England and goes to the semifinals. Nik always feels the match in a very visceral way and it's a show parallel to the game.

The last penalty is kicked and we start playing.

Just as we finish playing the new Black Heart Baby the vibrant light of a candle makes its way onstage. A birthday cake. It is now Monday the 25th by seconds. I became a thirty-two without realizing it. One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your birthday. In the suspended time of music, beside and in front of your loved ones.

We unplug and go to tasting the "Zero Km" cocktails at the Slow Bar of il Chiosco. Fresh fruit, homemade jams and syrups and alcohol of the best quality. Max and our friend from Vicenza Cioccio engage in a repartee of imitations. It's the most exhilarating clash of titans.

Someone blows off the last candles time to return to the hotel.

In the morning Padua wakes us up with the sun and invites us to enjoy lingering as much as possible.

But at some point you have to go back home, a thirty-two years old man knows it well.

Next stop Piacenza and the Autodromo in Monza.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="487"]jack jaselli Birthday Cake at Il Chiosco[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="487"]Immagine live at Carroponte[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="487"]Immagine Jack Jaselli Trio[/caption]

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