When somebody talks about surfing or searching for the perfect wave, chances are Italy won’t be the first place coming to your mind.

The “Mare Nostrum”, our Mediterranean Sea certainly hasn’t be the cradle of wave riding, as it was instead for perfecting the art of sailing towards new worlds.

But things are and have been changing a lot, and you can touch it with your hands, you can ride it with your feet.

This last Saturday I was invited to play live at the 2012 Single Fin Classic Surf Festival in Marina di Pietrasanta.

The event was organized by the wild bunch of Nimbus Surfing Club, fresh from their glorious comeback from the “MSA Malibu Classic Invitational” where they ranked 16th among the world’s best surfing clubs, with our longboarding pride Alessandro Ponzanelli ranking overall 5th. 

Oh yes, you’re slowly changing you’re mind about surfing and Italy, aren’t you?

I got to admit that playing music with my feet in the sand and the sea before me is always ridicolously good. Add some ice cold drinks and some good friends and it gets the job done.

Right, because the Single Fin was all about the beautiful people surrounding each other, exchanging ideas and marvelous tales. Before I went on stage I met people I last saw some years ago during my last surf trip to Bali and it seemed like not even a day had passed. I had a surprise chat with my highschool friend Seba Lang who is now a professional shaper. Yes, things are growing.

Most of all I was glad to see my good friends from the Onde Nostre crew. Onde Nostre is a movie about Italian surfers and Italian waves filmed by Luca Merli and Matteo Ferrari, it was released in 2010 and it is now ready to get it’s sequel. This summer the mighty crew shot the video for my next single and it was stunning. 

So we had a couple of beers while Giovanni Barberis was painting some custom made Onde Nostre t-shirts and Filippo Maffei was showing some of his latest, beautiful, surfing photos. All true, all salty, all made in Italy.

Then the time came, the sun had set, the bbq was burning and the band and I went on stage to provide some relaxed vibes. 

There is something peculiar about surfing and surf culture in Italy. Some situations and aspects require to be totally detatched from what is tipical Italian, but some other things, and a certain attitude are completely bond to our Country. Like a kind of urgency, a spirit of relentlessness and the awareness that we’re doing it in spite of our Sea being so different from the Ocean. Full of culture but with waves to be hunted like unseizable, elusive treasures. 

That makes us like pirates riding the ever-changing, thus never giving up.

This quote from Onde Nostre pretty much sums it up:

In the “Country of the Sun”, the sea is made of wind for those who ride it’s foam. The ice cold splashes keep coming from below, from above, from the crest of the wave, and  from the locks of hair. We would drink it all, if we only could... this storm. 

Suggested track : John Butler, Ocean